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16 September 2011 @ 11:08 pm
Is there a doctor in the house? Help please, for a friend.  
A friend of mine is very sick, and I am really concerned for his well-being.

He came down with something over a month ago, doctor thought it was rocky mountain spotted fever... he had the right kind of rash, then, anyway... but after he finished the antibiotic treatment he got really sick again, with different symptoms, more like Lyme's disease, or something. Flu-like symptoms, rashes, extreme joint pain, inflammation, extreme pain and swelling in his feet, neuropathy in his fingers... he can't walk, drive, do much of anything . Now the regular doctor won't see him because he still owes money he can't pay, so he's gone to the ER like 4 times since they can't refuse to see him, but all they ever do is see him for 5 minutes, tops, give him some pain pills and a few antibiotics that obviously aren't doing anything, then kick him out the door with another huge fucking bill.

I don't know if he's being discriminated against because he's native american, or just because he's poor, but the hospital is clearly only interested in sinking him in debt and not helping him. He needs sound medical advice, and money for treatment, and I want to know if there's anyone out there that can help him with either... please let me know. Thanks.