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16 April 2011 @ 02:36 pm
FA Drama  
I hereby release this journal entry into the public domain and authorize anyone to repost and republish in any form on any site, not limited to FA and LJ.

This journal will eventually be posted on FA, and we'll see how long it takes for me to get banned again for it.

What follows is a concise history of recent events:

Friday, I wrote a game modification for some friends on FA, and published the source code. Rather than spamming them with a wall of text and whitespace, I compressed the code and appended it to the small-resolution preview image and uploaded it to FA, so that my description with explanation and directions for using the code wouldn't appear below all the code itself, and the whole thing was sized less than 100kb. Creative circumvention of the technical limitations of FA? yes. Against site policy? no.

Someone on IRC took offense to the fact that I was using FA for something other than his fap material, and reported it to the admins, upon which witchiebunny took the ticket and summarily deleted my submission without due course, and sent me a note saying that it was removed for being a screenshot. I corrected her, pointing out that the screenshot was just the preview image, and that preview images ("thumbnails") were exempt from said content restrictions according to the AUP, and that my source code, being text written by myself, was likewise permitted.

Witchiebunny, refusing to acknowledge her mistake, instead constructed a strawman argument to attack in defense of her decision, and turned confirmation bias up to eleven. I responded by pointing out that her self-justification was unprofessional and just skirting the issue, to which she tried changing the rules, saying that even as a thumbnail, screenshots were disallowed (which isn't true according to the AUP). I responded in kind, saying that if this was the case, she should be enforcing this unilaterally, by deleting half of ALL the non-graphical-art submissions on FA, as they all used preview images that relied on the thumbnail exemption from the AUP. Her arguments continued to spiral downhill, until I got her to basically reaffirm my position in the argument in her own words, not realizing it. When I pointed that out, she played the "my word is final" card and the power card ("don't mess with me, I'm an admin, so I can ban you.") and then blocked me from replying to her.

Amidst all of this, I and some others were having a good laugh at her childish behavior, and when I mentioned her name, I was immediately filled in about her reputation as an admin of the TFP steam group, always kicking good players from the opposing team to keep her own team from losing.

So I posted a journal, very briefly mentioning that she had deleted my submission and then blocked me from replying in order to win the argument, and how I thought this sounded right in line with the other things I was hearing about her administrative exploits elsewhere (although I did not name any specifics or more details than that). I got a number of responses to that journal, mostly other people reaffirming our opinions that she was a bad admin, and someone thinking she had been removed as an admin before.

I returned the next morning to find that Summercat had banned me from FA, "for posting a journal (now removed) calling out an admin for justified removal and warning.[sic]"

So apparently, according to Summercat, accurately reporting on administrative behavior on FA is a bannable offense. He also claims that "[the issue was brought up by witchiebunny] to several admins for review, myself included."

Well, since this journal is already in FA bannable territory, let me just go on to name a few more admins who might follow this twisted line of thinking:

ArshesNei: holier-than-thou whiteknight on a high horse with a massive superiority complex, believes in might-is-right and jumps at any opportunity to back her fellow admins.

Dragoneer: Resident donation-monger, useless puppet and supporter of pedophiles and zoophiles everywhere. Covers up for rapists and animal abuses, and tips them off to help them hide from the law. Cares only about his own popularity, and never thinks about the consequences of his actions.

Summercat: Gets a hard-on for exerting his authority for enforcing rules, regardless of their wording or intent, and makes up his own rules to enforce, like a gradeschool kid lording over his first clubhouse.

and of course, Witchiebunny: openly abuses admin powers to selfish ends, can never admit mistakes or wrongdoings, or allow herself to lose on fair terms, even in a videogame.

Lest you think this is all some juvenile rebellion against authority, here is a list of some admins who don't suck, are even-tempered, level-headed and forward-thinking, all qualities this site needs:


Unfortunately, all of these admins have resigned at some point in the last 3 years, just another indication of the direction the site is headed. Ultimately, I don't care anymore, because I know turning FA around is a lost cause with an admin team like that, and I have no stake in it. They can ban me for speaking truth, but they can't stop the truth from getting out, and frankly, I don't care if they ban me, because I'm just waiting for a better site to take off, anyway.

Best of luck to Inaki and crew on floof.
Solei: Badasstixen on April 18th, 2011 02:58 am (UTC)
They have a "do not call out other users" policy, and apparently they consider admins to be users in this case.

Don't throw yourself into a shredder to prove a point. You're smarter than that. Find a more productive way to voice this complaint, and do it where they have no control over what you say.

You've seen it many times already; if you say it where they have control over it, they will just silence you and your efforts will have been for naught. Don't become an FA martyr; that's the fastest way to get people to ignore you completely.
Cap'n Earthshine Saicincaptainsaicin on April 18th, 2011 05:13 am (UTC)
Wow, what bullshit, sounds like them trying to make their sheltering of animal abusers, pedophiles and rapists official policy now so they can get away with it. "We're having a problem with people getting called out for breaking the law, so rather than just having to report them to the police, we'll make it against site policy to let anyone know."

Honey, my point was, if I really don't care enough about staying on FA to let it affect me, then why should I care at all if I'm banned?

Obviously, I'm not going to be posting everything there, but rather places like LJ, Y*, etc. I can always just archive my gallery or move it to another site, and they have no control over my journals other places like here.
Soleitixen on April 18th, 2011 02:01 pm (UTC)
And my point is, the moment you get banned you will be parading that fact around like it's truth from on high that FA admins are terrible, terrible people. That makes you a martyr. You willingly did something you /knew/ would get you banned and then walked around exclaiming how terrible that fact is.

Do you know why so few people on Furnet have high opinions of Anthrochat? Simba, the founder of Anthrochat did exactly that. He joined the furnet channel and trolled the admins until they K-Lined him, then used that to prove how horrid the administration was. Most everyone hates Simba because he effectively provoked the admins for no reason other than an attempt to make them look bad and they reacted in line with the way they've always reacted. IT CHANGED NOTHING.

Don't be stupid.
Cap'n Earthshine Saicincaptainsaicin on April 20th, 2011 06:51 pm (UTC)
That's not true. I'd simply state my criticisms, and if I get banned for it, let the ban speak for itself. I'd just be done with FA. That's not even remotely equivocal to trolling, so you can't compare this to something like that.

I'm ok with just being done with FA. When I left dA years ago over similar admin issues, I didn't look back, I just moved on, and that's what I'd do here.