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15 January 2009 @ 07:14 pm
The Deal...  
The layoff couldn't possibly have come at a less convenient time.... Two weeks earlier, and I could have gotten back into college and been set up to ride out the first part of the recession getting the skills I needed to succeed.... Two weeks later, and I would have had the savings I needed to find a new place to live and seek employment abroad. Likewise if I had been notified in advance rather than just let go, I could have made plans to work around it... so here I am, rather stuck.

The foremost concern is finding a new job. I've given up on pursuing a decent salary in my career field at this point, and am looking to settle for much lower, which means even tighter budgets, even less money for food, rent, transportation, digging my way out of college debt, etc... so I will need supplementary income. If at all possible I will be delegating my time to working two jobs, at least one full-time if not both. In any case, whether looking for jobs, or working them, I will not have the liberty of much free time to post here, or work on my stories, so they will probably be put off indefinitely, not that I believe anyone expected them to come anytime soon by now anyway.

Depending on how things go over the spring and summer, I may be able to pursue college one more time in the fall... I only hope I can scrape together the time between everything else to get my tuition, loans, schedules and courses in order far enough in advance this time to make it workable.

The other possibility is still to save enough money to move... for that I will need one of two things: an assured job at a decent salary within the next two weeks before the accumulated pay stops coming from my last job, plus a week to prepare and some lucky opportunities to travel affordably, OR, to work my ass clean off at two jobs for long enough to afford the opportunity again.

The former would take a stroke of luck such as I've never before experienced in my life, and given my track record, I'm not going to count on it, but it's definitely the more pleasant possibility at this point... because the latter is going to require an incredible amount of hard work and near-perfect focus amidst such an overabundance of stress that I'm likely to snap, and never an hour much less a day's rest for months to a year.

The good news, is that I don't have to worry about losing my mind... since it's such a near certainty that it will happen either way, I can just accept it and move on... that's always the best part about having no choice in a matter -- the hardships lose their significance.

Oh, and the third option? The services may take me now... some friends say the Army, the others say the Air Force... I'm still carefully considering the costs and benefits of each... For my friends' sake, I want to choose the Air Force, for mine... I don't know. I could use the pain of the Army right now, to take my mind off other things.

I welcome any guidance on the matter.
Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything)picadelphon on January 21st, 2009 11:44 am (UTC)
Airforce would be best for you..