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captainsaicin's Journal

Cap'n Earthshine Saicin
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Hi, my name is Earthshine Saicin, and I'm a furry writer. I have furotic works posted on Yiffstar, FurAffinity and VCL, all under the name 'CaptainSaicin'.

These writings as well as Earthshine himself are just some small facets of my life... my 'kinky side', if you will. For privacy's sake, it is the only side you are invited to meet, here, now. In the meantime, you are welcome to read my stories or converse with me - As Earthshine, I aim to entertain, often in non-conventional ways. I mean no harm, so try not to take my presence here too seriously.

I do have IMs if you want to chat, but I don't give them out publicly! You'll have to message/note/email/whatever me via other means available to get them. If you don't know where to start, my email is CaptainSaicin gmail com (fill in the blanks... accursed spambots)

IRL, I won't disclose much about myself, but here's what I will say: I'm a generally laid-back guy in spite of almost always working at least one job and attending college full time. I enjoy gaming, arguing, writing, furry art, driving and Vodka martinis, frequently several at once (no, I don't mix the last two - I do value my life, thank you.) My field of choice is Computer Science, though I enjoy physics and engineering... perhaps I'll code physics engines for futuristic VR action games one day. My fursona is a black panther, and just as enigmatic as I.
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