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26 April 2011 @ 05:13 pm
This shit is about to end.  
One way or another, the situation here is about to change, because I am done with Geno's bullshit. I'm not sure how exactly it's going to end up panning out, but most likely something like this. I'm going to be moving out soon and finding another place in the cities, where I won't have to deal with the urge to strangle Geno every day. I'm fed up with it, and the little prick has the gall to think he can start a war with me, like he makes the rules around here, when he's already been told he needs to leave.

I remember about 3 months ago, he came crying to me, begging me to talk to Jackal on his behalf to let him stay here, after he was told his lease wasn't being renewed. He made all kinds of promises, that he would start cleaning up after himself, treating others fairly, not hoarding house resources, stop fucking with my home network, and all of this shit. I didn't believe one word of his "changed man" BS, because I know him better than that, in fact, it was kind of insulting, given his reputation, and knowing he was lying through his teeth the entire sob story. Sure enough, nothing at all changed. He continued to leave his mess spread out around the house, and especially the kitchen, he continued to eat my food and not replace it, to hoard common resources, and to fuck with the network. In fact, no fewer than 5 times in the last 3 months (no exaggeration) he has attempted to commandeer the home network by installing his own broken router between the modem and good router, thereby breaking the network, because his router didn't work for anything but his own private wireless hotspot. Fixman and I have gotten extremely tired of telling him, repeatedly, to take it down and stop fucking with the network, and each time, he has begrudgingly agreed, only to put it back up again a few weeks later, thinking we won't notice that the internet doesn't work again.

And so we come to the recent events, the tipping point, if you will... after he put that bad router in the network the other night, again, everything broke, again. He wasn't home, and Raven was sleeping, so I didn't want to disturb her by going down there to remove it myself, so I left him a note, asking him again to take it down and stop breaking our network. He responded with a note of his own saying that since the account was in his name, he made the rules, and he was blocking me from accessing the internet. So I pulled him aside to talk, and he ran away to hide in Raven's room so I couldn't talk to him without disturbing her, the same BS he always pulls... I'm sick of it.

I reminded him that since he didn't have a lease and wasn't supposed to be living here anymore, he wasn't supposed to be making any rules, and I was going to have to take it up with Jackal if he refused to talk to me and fix the situation. He then lies to me again, and says that Jackal agreed to let him stay now, and that I couldn't do anything about it, and if I tried anything, he'd call the cops on me and tell them I was breaking his stuff. I pointed out that was a bad idea, considering the fact he was already in trouble with the law, and with all of the other stuff I had on him, he'd only succeed in helping me make his life a living hell. I had to leave the house to avoid strangling him, and now am typing this entry up on a friend's computer, because my phone is not working.

Raven, of course, backs Geno, like she always does, the two of them covering for each other for their criminal conduct against another former tenant, as well, and since they're both involved in all that shit, of course they're going go cover for each other at home, too. Meanwhile, Raven is all but in bed with Jackal, so of course she has his ear, yet it still surprised me when he backed their position, saying they wanted me out. Those two, who trash the house, stir up drama, get in trouble with the law, and Geno who never pays his rent, hoards house resources, eats everyone's food, etc... and he's backing THEM, while I always pay my rent on time, always clean up after myself, and frequently clean up after everyone else. It still came as a surprise, and felt like a stab in the back. So, unless he reverses his stance on the matter in the near future, I'm leaving. I'm done with this shit. I don't have the money to move, or anywhere to go just yet, but regardless, I'm going to make it happen, because I am not letting those two fuck up my life the way they fucked up their own.

I feel sorry for Jackal living with them, but it's his choice, and the fact that he's letting Geno win out over me just hurts. That's personal, and as much as I like him, I'm not going to live with that just for his sake. I need to look after myself.
Rawthan: Whadda fuck?!cwuff on April 27th, 2011 02:33 am (UTC)
*eartips, opens muzzle, closes it* *lifts paw, opens muzzle, closes it again* I... *chuffs and furrows his brow* *noses?*

( I'm sorry... I really don't know what to say. I feel for you, what a shit thing. *eartips* )
Pica Delphon (Is one who Builds anything)picadelphon on May 24th, 2011 01:30 am (UTC)
If you were local to me I would let you spend a good week at my house and let them. figure out how to handle the bills that do not get paid, and the place turn to shit, and nothing cleaned up, just look after your self First, and Be Safe.. Remember to take photos of the place before you leave so you don't get to Hold the Bag and they damage something..